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    Character Name: Silkk

    Server Name: Aman’thul atm.

    Class you are applying for: Rogue

    Role/Spec you are applying for: Sin, I can play all three but I have legendaries for Sin.


    Why did you choose to apply to Convergence? I am looking for a place to raid that doesnt require a massive commitment to grinding and 20 hours of raids a week and you guys are looking for Rogues.

    Why you are leaving/left your guild? I was in Ajantis back in Feb, we were workin on M Augur but I had work and personal issues come up and I had to leave suddenly. I am currently in a weekend guild but prefer midweek raiding in the evenings.

    Raiding, Progress and Activity

    What is the extent of your raid experience (Across all expansions)? Cleared all end game in expansions, in the top 20 guilds since MoP

    If available, please provide a link to recent World of Logs or Warcraft Logs you participated in: My logs are way old from back in Feb but I will post em.

    Do you have an experienced, raid ready off-spec? Since I have been away and just come back Sub and Outlaw are still behind, Sub was at 54 when I stopped so the AK catchup will be quick for it. I can play them all but I only have bis leggos for Sin.

    Can you attend all raid times? (9pm-12am Server Time, Mon, Wed, Thurs): Yes

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    Hi Silkk,

    Thanks for the interest in Convergence. You stated that you were progressing on Star auger are you able to shoot me some logs of those runs?

    Otherwise we would be quite happy to give you a soft run in one of our heroic clears on the Friday to see how you fair and go from there.

    If you have any questions feel free to shoot one of the officers a message or hit me up on realID @seek#11595

    Cheers, Seek.

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