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    Danny (Kerbs)


    Character Name: Kerbs

    Server Name: Dath’Remar

    Class you are applying for: Mage

    Role/Spec you are applying for: Frost and Fire


    Why did you choose to apply to Convergence? A couple of my friends are already here Stormic and Loota on trial, I have also heard good things in regards to Progression and structured game play in general

    Why you are leaving/left your guild? I left Titan due to a few reasons, there was a general level of toxicity which I became uncomfortable with (fights between some members constantly) and the fact that 2 nights a weeks was causing some issues with progression and a 3rd optional night was not Mandatory but felt mandatory and some people couldn’t or would now show causing further issues and imbalance to the raid team. I have come back to Alliance as I have family and friends here and on this server as also.

    Raiding, Progress and Activity

    What is the extent of your raid experience (Across all expansions)? All content I have done is on my Mage which I am applying on. Current experience is 8/10 Mythic Nighthold with attempts on Elisande Mythic, 2/3 Mythic ToV and 7/7 Mythic EN. I have raided competitively Since Burning crusade which includes:
    -Warlords of Draenor (was in a 2 night guild for a while) Mythic SoO 13/13, didn’t complete BrF and HM on time due to guild time constraints
    -Mop – all Heroic raiding
    -Cataclysm (with the exception of Dragon soul – took a break) otherwise all heroic raiding
    -WoTLK – All Heroic raiding
    -BC – Did all the content as it was current.

    I did raid some Vanilla stuff but only up to Molten Core and AQ20

    If available, please provide a link to recent World of Logs or Warcraft Logs you participated in: (recent prog kill)

    Do you have an experienced, raid ready off-spec? I have Both Fire and Frost Geared to 54 Traits and BiS legendarires currently for them ~ ilvl 910

    Can you attend all raid times? (9pm-12am Server Time, Mon, Wed, Thurs): Yes I Can and always looking to play further with Mythic + and other content

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Battletag is Kerbs#1427 if you wish to have a chat

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    Hi Kerbs,

    Your app looks quite stellar from and we would love to get you in for a trial if you are willing but before we move ahead id love to have a quick chat, to that end I’ve sent you a friend request via btag when you have a moment to go over some stuff.

    Cheers, Seek.

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