Convergence Founded

It seemed only yesterday that we were discussing about building a community that welcomes all types of players.

Whether they are a hardcore raider looking for progression, or perhaps a member wanting some mythic+ groups to run with consistently, or maybe even the casual type that wish to maintain some sort of connection to the game on their off nights from the busy/hectic schedule of the real world. All are welcome to be part of Convergence!

A little about us

The founders of the guild have been around in Khaz’goroth for awhile now, some are quite famous throughout the server, and some that have been away from the limelight, regardless, all our roots stem from <The Sanctified> during WOTLK and Cataclysm. After that a few of us left the game when we all decided to disband/quit the active raiding team of Sanctified. Some stayed on, wanting to take over the reins from Sanctified founder and GM Seekdizzle, in order to keep the name and guild going. Others have left to join new homes, myself included, and built up the majority of Ctrl Alt Elite, a prominent guild that took to the limelight during Mists of Pandaria.

We have all since took a gap from World of Warcraft, anxiously awaiting legion. When the time came, and we saw that all the returning players have returned. We wanted to once again group up together and form the community that it is becoming now.

We have still a long way to go, but hoping that you all join us and help rebuild Khaz’goroth and put it back on higher tier of Oceanic rated servers!

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