Cenarius politely removed

Mythic Cenarius

With a few nights full of grunts and groans, the corrupted demi-god saw his mythical demise. Returning him to the dream in fashionable style, the team did an excellent job coordinating a brilliant kill. Congratulations to everyone! Look at those wryms…

Bringing down the bear

Mythic Ursoc

Returning to Emerald Nightmare, the team faced off against the fallen bear wild god, and claimed victory! Great job by all the team, with everything clicking on the kill.

Onwards to more progression!

Kudos to Seekdizzle for not telling anyone that he was taking screenshots…

Making our mark on Mythic EN

Mythic Renferal

The team returned to the Emerald Nightmare to take on the Mythic challenge. Smashing down Nythendra and Renferal. Great job everyone involved!

This week we’ll see more work on Mythic bosses and take a look at Trial of Valour.