Mythic Demon Inquisition down

Mythic Demonic Inquisition

With only a dozen attempts, the Demonic Inquisition fell to our mighty wrath. Some interesting confessions going on, and some we’d rather never hear again, but overall a good solid kill. Congratulations to everyone!

Second down in Tomb

Mythic Harjatan

We return to take on murloc mayhem, with Mythic Harjatan. After puddling about, we knocked him over. Great job and onwards!

Noggenfogger fun

June Noggenfogger Fun

If you happened to be in Aszuna on Sunday evening, you might have noticed a group of half clothed players plummeting to their demise over and over again.

This was all part of our first Social Sunday guild event, playing Noggenfogger Russian Roullette, with players desperately hoping that RNG would favour them with the slow fall buff on their way down.

After many entertaining rounds, laughs, death timers and additional half points for stylish demises, our winner emerged.

Twinpallie”the Always Lucky” with a grand total of 3 survives, closely followed by Kerbs and Lunite on 2 (and half a point for style).

If you need legendaries or good RNG be sure to bring Twinpallie along with you on your next adventure.

Thanks to everyone for coming along for some fun.

High Botanist Tel’arn Pruned

Mythic High Botanist Tel'arn

After having fun with trampling all the plants, only to be caught out by spawning mass amounts of lashers and chaining the fetter, the High Botanist and his three forms were all taken down.